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Right! To be honest, the only reason we (my team) started using (migrating to) CP was because it’s GB free. Why? WP v5+ have ruined hundreds of our clients which were daily and even hourly maintained (as news portal). We don’t have enough time to train hundreds or maybe thousand reporters and corespondence to use the new interface in posting news/articles. That’s it.

Our clients might never know (maybe don’t even care) if they now use CP instead of WP (some will notice perhaps) - and that, I think is enough. While any additional features (soon to be, hopefully) available within CP will be a great bonus/plus.


Exactly. I see ClassicPress version 1 as a sort of safe haven, where everyone can take stock and do things at their own pace without fear of being railroaded into doing things that make little or no sense. There doesn’t need to be a huge raft of new features. Just a bit of extra security and speed would be nice.


True… and absolutely agree. A bit of extra security and speed tweaks is perfect… that’s what most of us needed.

It is the perfect solution for those who love the simplicity of wp before Gutemberg.

This project is something more than a temporary solution.

It is something that will maintain and improve something that has worked very well for many years.

It’s a great job. Thank you


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