Softaculous informing update to WP5,5

Not sure if this is happening across the board, or just happened to me, but I was just recently informed by softalicious that one of my sites that uses Classicpress needed an update to WP5,5.

Originally it was WP but was swapped over to CP from the beginning, and obviously I am aware that I do not need to do this update, but to uninformed users or less savvy users who get an email saying that script updates are available to WP 5,5 this could cause many problems.

As I said, I am not sure why this has happened, but thought it would be good for the technical team to see if this happens across other sites, as potentially this could cause many problems now and going forward into the future.


Thanks for reporting this @spanner44. Yes, obviously this shouldn’t be happening.

I’ve just got a few questions that might help with troubleshooting if that’s OK:

  • How did you switch the site to CP from WP? Did you use the CP migration plugin?
  • What version of WP did you switch from?
  • Have you ever been prompted to upgrade to any other version of WP, 5.4 for example?

PS - in case anyone is wondering, Softalicious = Softaculous. I’ve changed the title of the post to reflect this. Apparently Softalicious is one of many common misspellings.

Thanks for changing the title, never sure how to spell it.

Looking back at my emails, I also got one for the upgrade to 5.4.1 and this one for 5.5.1

I normally ignore them as I update things manually, so whether I had one before this, I am not sure and cannot find one in my mail.

As far as I remember I was on WP5 (it might have been 4,9), as I think it just updated before I did the change. I also used the migration tool, and remember it being near the beginning of the project.

Hopefully, this is just a one-off. I am not sure if I ticked a box or subscribed to get emails when an update was available (I probably did), but didn’t want others to perhaps get this and update back to WP by mistake.

Hope this helps.


If you just got the notification by email, it sounds to me like it might be a Softaculous setting. But, given that Softaculous supports and knows all about ClassicPress, it should recognise that it isn’t a WP site any longer.

When I get in touch with Softaculous to ask them to upgrade CP to version 1.2, I’ll ask them about this at the same time.

And don’t worry about the misspelling thing. There’s quite a few variations according to this :slight_smile: