Solid Solution For Multilanguage - Polylang + Codestyling L


Polylang plugin and Codestyling Localization

I just finished develop small multi language blog at ClassicPress beta about itself - showing performance of this simple system.

Welcome Everybody interested into testing usability of this ML ,

wan’t add another language to perform skills of Polylang?

or want to install there some plugin to translate by Codestyling Localization

You are welcome to write me on slack:

Your_language | Your_Username | Your_email | Your_password

I Will create as many users as many testers want join this project.

Also there’s task to move subject of Codestyling Localization as dead plugin, maybe someone knows author or what really happen - why plugin disapeared from repository - read more at project at blog.

It’s wonderful little plugin dealin proper with .po files inside of plugins and themes. Point is to expand path to wp-content/languages to fit also new standards.

But lastly with this assets it is no problem to make easy ML at

if we can get 11 locale languages at this blog site with 11 translator users, and IF ALL will improove good usability, so create as Multi language with separated bundles to download for each language can be done in few days if needed. Without any add ons.

Don’t want force nobody to this system, I’d like to hear honest opinions.
Everybody can check out how easy that kind of multilanguage site can be.

WIthout language subdomains(but they can be set), server moves… Join as tester! Message me on Slack!

If I’ m wrong about it? Something in there is not propper? Let me know, Report some issue!
Get Login and pull there Your imposible task to translate!

P.s. Also Guys have You ever heard about BuddyPress RT Media plugin? Not even premium mentioned just this freebie from repo, I’d like to put images to posts.


Hi Dominiq,

Just to better understand, the site you have linked to is running ClassicPress with the Polylang plugin to also show the content in Polish, is that correct?

Hi. The project is little blog website with few pages, few posts, looks like standard small customer website.

Just wanted to make small preview for others - for now is really easy to make even small corporate ML website with easy tools.

According to this WPML discussions I decided to make this webstite and show opposite solution.

Every opinion is worth, I just like to proof that is nothing wrong with .po files and we should stick to them working on better software and solutions than adding more data to the database.

How to experience this task on this site? I like to work a bit with issue to say, Youre right.

Also would like to hear Your opinion of .po editing with Codestyling Localization i linked in other thread

Would You help me?

Thanks for your explanation.
I don’t think WPML is being added in core, that must be a misunderstanding. I’m not sure why you would want to use Codestyling which doesn’t seem to be accessible as a plugin anymore (and hasn’t been for many years).
But having said that, as James suggested in the petition you mentioned, there is a github repo to research future core plugins. You’re welcome to develop your solution there.

I was wondering someone want to make it live as it is lightweight script and works perfectly for me.

Else If there is nobody want’s to handle developing it, so we stays with Glotpress i guess.

I think there are 2 different things at play here. GlotPress is being looked at to localise ClassicPress.

The discussion of the petition is to bring multilingual functionality into a future ClassicPress version.

Two different things entirely :slight_smile:

@Mte90 has tried to explain that already in the other thread too:

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So now I understand miss. You’re right.

Sorry all of You guys for mess.

I’ll stay this topic as a petition to rework Codestyling Localization

And for now can work with this glotpress if must.

No problem at all :slight_smile:

I will be closing this topic, if you have anything to add, please feel free to re-open it start a new one.

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