Some editing buttons gone from Classic Editor panel

Hi everyone.
Here is a thing that I noticed the other day.
My Classic Editor’s panel is missing a few of its editing buttons.
It is missing the buttons that change the colour of the text and the button that changes the size of the text.

I’m sure that they were there, because I have used them at some point. But now they are not there.

Where did they go? :smiley:

Can you post an image of the editor to see?

Also has any thing with the install that might have caused the issue? i.e. installed/updated/removed a plugin or theme?

Yes of course.
Here is a sceenshot.

Where are the other buttons?

Click on the kitchen sink to make the other buttons visible

After expansion


Ow… :astonished:. How could I know they were hidden?
Thank you.
I don’t click on buttons that I don’t know why they are actually there for as I don’t want to mess up something and that is the reason why I didn’t click on this button.
Thank you … you saved my day! :slight_smile:


You are most welcome - as a community a little help goes a long :slight_smile:

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WYSIWYG Advanced from @Code_Potent and you can arrange, show/hide, add new buttons as you want. Warning: if you try it, you will became dependable on it, so think twice before installing. It’ addictive!


Ha…! Love this…thanks!


Thank you. :slight_smile: I 'll give it a try even though I don’t write that much on my website, because it looks very neat on the screenshot.
I want to have a lot of text formating options when I’m updating my blog.
I usually write my blog posts first on xed and then I’m copying the text on my website and then I’m formating it. And this way saves a lot of time because I mark the text that I want to change and then I click on the buttons, ( when of course they are not hidden ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa)


I am not convincing you, I am demanding you install WYSIWYG Advanced.

As I understand, in WordPress, TinyMCE is a stripped version of the real TinyMCE editor. WYSIWYG Advanced brings back the thrown away functionality (correct me someone, if I am wrong).


TinyMCE is a framework for embedding rich text editors into webpages, so it’s not really a question of “restoring thrown-away functionality” so much as just “adding more buttons that fit within the space of a rich-text editor”.

I know a lot of people like the options like text color, font size, underlining, etc… but the vast majority of the time, these are options that should be handled in a structured way using the theme’s CSS rules.


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