Starting from scratch (again)

I have a site that I’m trying to restore from a .wpress file; added domain (same domain it was before I deleted it); installed WP 4.9.8 Installed " All-in-One WP Migration" and the unlimited extension for it, so I can import the .wpress file from the FTP upload I just made of it. Plan to ENSURE the wp-config file that gets loaded from the backup has auto-update set to false. NOW - here’s my question… if I use the MANUAL method to upgrade to CP BETA 2, will that work, or do I need to get the ALPHA version first, then go to BETA 1 and BETA 2? I’ve already spent about 6 or 7 hours trying to do this (3 times), so I want to make sure I’m doing everything in the right sequence.

I’ve used AIOWPM before.

Not sure if I’m right (or if you’ve tried this), but the way I’d do it is:

  1. Clean WP install of 4.9.8
  2. Install AIOWPM plugin
  3. Drop the .wpress file in there
  4. Install CP migration plugin (latest version)
  5. Make the switch.

Never mind… I got everything done, and tried to view the pages… unable to see anything, so I must have had a bad backup… not sure, but it’s not working

If you use the manual method, then just use Beta 2.

What ClassicPress does is change the files in the wp-admin and wp-includes folder, plus the wp-config.php file. If you start with anything lower than the current version (Beta 2 at the time of writing) all you would be doing is changing those files and folders an extra time.

If you are going to use AIOWPM, then try deactivating all the other plugins before you make the backup in case one of them is interfering with that process.

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