Stats for Update Manager 1.1.0

Stats for Update Manager 1.1.0

Are you using Update Manager from Code Potent?
Discover how many sites are using your plugins and themes!

As Update Manager 2.0.0 added theme support Stats for Update Manager 1.1.0-rc1 added it too.
In version 1.1.0 you’ll find a new UI that integrates better in Update Manager.

This version is compatible with all version of Update Manager.

:ghost: Debug section disappeared? Just enable WP_DEBUG to have it back.

:pray: Thank you very much @Code_Potent for your help, ideas, suggestions and great spirit of collaboration!


Using a previous version? Just wait :popcorn: for the update to be pushed.
New user? You can download Stats for Update Manager here.

Edit: If someone had troubles with the automatic update now it’s fixed! Sorry!
Many thanks to @Code_Potent to digging this out!


Totally welcome! :slight_smile: I’m super liking what you’ve done here in this version…

The updated GUI makes the statistics blend right in with the other views and it looks delightfully native! And the sorting… for those of us with a lot of titles, this is a must-have even though we hadn’t realized it yet!

I really appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into this, as well as our many Slack chats that helped to hammer out issues on both ends. Great, collaborative work! :muscle:


Sounds very exiting news.

I’ve not really sat down and dig deep into either the Stats or the core Updater to understand them fully yet - but will do in due course as my other developments continue to take shape.

A question for you both: Can any or all of the data be exposed on the front end by either a post query or a shortcode?

What I have in mind is as I continue to develop Classic Elements is to create an addon specifically for plugins built for ClassicPress i.e. the Timeless Text giving greater control on the look and feel of the output.


Can any or all of the data be exposed on the front end by either a post query or a shortcode?


About frontend exposure… The data is publicly available by visiting an endpoint; here’s a live example of the data exposed. Or, you can use get_posts() and/or get_post_meta() if you need to query the data for other purposes. Or, the extension also makes some data available via REST API (if you enable it).

As for shortcodes… There are shortcodes to output the number of installations – IIRC, it’s just the integer, no wrapper or styling (same as Timeless Text). Note that the shortcodes are built into the extension, not built into the Update Manager plugin.

See the readme for details.


Perfect. Exactly what I needed to hear :grinning: