Subscribe2 for ClassicPress v11.3

Subscribe2 for ClassicPress

Subscribe2 provides a comprehensive subscription management and email notification system for WordPress blogs that sends email notifications to a list of subscribers when you publish new content to your blog.


  • Updated Counter Widget color picker
  • Enable color picker in Customize screen
  • Accessibility Improvements
  • Updated version of plugin update checker
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements


Download Subcribe2 for ClassicPress v11.3 or update existing installations from the Plugins page


For assistance using the plugin ping me in the plugin support forums.

I’d love to hear about any issues you find and I’ll try to get them fixed.
Open tickets here


The plugin does not unzip to a folder and installed the contents of your plugin in the root plugin folder. After creating a directory in the plugins folder called “subscribe2” and moving all the files into that folder I got a fatal error message that the plugin could not be installed.

I am very much looking forward to using this plugin!

[email protected]:~/wp-content/plugins/$ unzip
[email protected]:~/wp-content/plugins/$ ls  ChangeLog.txt  classicpress-seo  index.php  license.txt            ReadMe.txt      tinymce
admin     classes        include           languages  plugin-update-checker  subscribe2.php  wordpress-importer


Sorry to hear you are struggling to install. Have you tried uploading the zip from the ClassicPress admin page and let CP do the work?

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No worries. Hopefully we can get it resolved. I just tested installing through the web installer. Same error as in the screenshot above. Test site is virgin CP install with no plugins.


I have identified an issue in my build steps, trying to automate things to make it easier for me has resulted in additional complexity and errors.

I have a fix, I just need to create a new release now - keep you eyes peeled! :wink:

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This is a pretty key plugin for many ClassicPress sites, thanks for writing it!

Whenever there are build steps, especially if they are at all complicated, then it is usually a good idea to test the final output of the build process as well as the development version. This could mean trying out the built plugin on a site and/or something like comparing the code between built versions (once the process is established and tested once).


New version release and I’ve manually tested - it worked for me. Please do try and let me know how you get on and then I’ll make an official post about the release:

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