Support for PHP 7.3?

I just switched my main site over to ClassicPress last night. I did find a bunch of PHP errors in my log, but I believe those are related to running on 7.3. I switched back to 7.2 and they appear to be gone. One feature of WP 5.0 that I wanted is the upgrade to allow 7.3; will ClassicPress soon support 7.3?

What are the advantages of 7.3? Performance gains?

Performance gains, yes. Also, better garbage collection, more flexible syntax (heredoc/nowdoc), trailing commas, new functions (array_key_first and array_key_last)…and more. There’s lots of info if you’re in for some reading.

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We will support PHP 7.3 as soon as we can.

Specifically for ClassicPress, PHP 7.3 introduces new warnings and notices for “questionable” uses of certain language features.

If you’re able to help out with this task on GitHub, we’d appreciate it. More info here:


Okay, thanks!

PHP 7.3 support was implemented in 1.0.0-rc1.