Switching to Classicpress (large site)

so i am responisble for a very large wordpress installation (600.000 posts and growing).
we are using our own block-based-editor (for quiet some time) - and won’t be switching to gutenberg.

having the following questions:

  • we are not able to use the migration plugin (docker based workflow)
    • we would clone the ClassiPress-release instead of the the traditional wordpress
  • 2.0 will bring breaking changes, i read, is there any roadmap? (like the folks of symfony doing a great job with this: https://symfony.com/roadmap also the promise of no BC)
  • could one, just migrate back to wordpress?
  • is there a official list, of removed/added/changed filters?
  • have you renamed filtes like wp_insert_post to cp_insert_post ?
  • database will be untouched during migration?

Somebody with more technical knowledge than me will be along shortly to help (I shared this topic on the core Slack channel)

Hey @hjanuschka, I think @james will be able to better answer some of these questions but I can answer a few :slight_smile:

We are using the Semantic Versioning so everything on from 1.0 to 1.9 will be backwards compatible. Version 2 will likely have breaking changes, we will be using the petitions site to guide us on what features we add and what features get moved out of the core and into a core plugin.

No, as we maintain completely compatibility with all plugins that support 4.9.x.

That is correct, we are only overwriting core files - you can find out more details here: https://docs.classicpress.net/installing-classicpress/#migrate-classicpress

Technically, yes you could by overwriting the ClassicPress files with the WordPress files. We have had discussions regarding adding the ability to migrate back to WP within the migration plugin.

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Answers from @wadestriebel are correct, thanks for that. As for the remaining questions:

we are not able to use the migration plugin (docker based workflow) … we would clone the ClassicPress-release instead of the the traditional wordpress

This is correct - you’ll need to update your Docker image to contain the files from https://github.com/ClassicPress/ClassicPress-release/releases instead of WordPress. Here are the basic steps to follow: https://docs.classicpress.net/installing-classicpress/#migrating-to-classicpress-without-using-the-plugin

could one, just migrate back to wordpress?

Yes - in your case you would update the Docker image again to undo the changes and contain WordPress instead of ClassicPress.

is there a official list, of removed/added/changed filters?

As Wade says, we are preserving full compatibility with WordPress 4.9.x, so no internal APIs have been removed or changed. We’ve added a few functions like classicpress_version() - you can use function_exists( 'classicpress_version' ) to determine if you are running under ClassicPress.

2.0 will bring breaking changes, i read, is there any roadmap?

Our tentative plan for v2 is to begin splitting out older / deprecated features like XML-RPC into separate core plugins. We will preserve backwards compatibility as much as we can, and we will indicate any breaking changes clearly at the time of the upgrade. You’ll also be able to continue using the 1.x release series if you need to.

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More about this here: Longevity for CP

thx guys! i am more and more feeling comfortable to migrate our site to CP.

funny node aside, about old code like xmlrpc - we remove it during docker build, anyway since day1 :smiley:

RUN git clone --depth 1 --branch $WORDPRESS_VERSION git://core.git.wordpress.org/ /app
RUN rm -fr /var/www/html \
    && ln -s /app /var/www/html
# get language
RUN mkdir /app/wp-content/languages/
RUN curl -o /app/wp-content/languages/de_DE.mo https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp/${WORDPRESS_LANG_VERSION}/de/formal/export-translations?format=mo
RUN curl -o /app/wp-content/languages/admin-de_DE.mo https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp/${WORDPRESS_LANG_VERSION}/admin/de/formal/export-translations?format=mo
RUN curl -o /app/wp-content/languages/admin-network-de_DE.mo https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp/${WORDPRESS_LANG_VERSION}/admin/network/de/formal/export-translations?format=mo
RUN curl -o /app/wp-content/languages/continents-cities-de_DE.mo https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp/${WORDPRESS_LANG_VERSION}/cc/de/formal/export-translations?format=mo

# copy frontend-disabled theme
ADD deploy/DOCKER/themes/krn-disabled /app/wp-content/themes/krn-disabled

RUN rm /app/xmlrpc.php

on my local testing machine CP works just fine :slight_smile:


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