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It isn’t listed yet. I first need to work out how I’m going to handle letting users know when there’s an update.

Update Manager? :sweat_smile:

I took a look at that, but it seems that it requires me to have a CP site where I store information about my plugins, and I don’t currently have such a site. So I have to think about whether I want to create one, add such capability to one, or do something else.


It should work also when a plugin is hosted on GitHub if I recall correctly.

It’s not a matter of where the plugin itself is located. It’s about the need for a user’s website to be able to communicate with the developer’s. Which is impossible at the moment, because I don’t have such a site.

As far as I have understood how that plugin works, you can host everything on GitHub and no need for a site. The updates in that case are served from GitHub itself where the plugin is with all its things. But I might be wrong.

With Update Manager you can host your plugin everywhere you want, but you need to setup Update Manager on a site to serve endpoints (like this).


I’ve now submitted the plugin to the repository. I did indeed go with Update Manager. I looked at the other options out there — really, it’s just one these days — and decided that Update Manager is clearly the superior way to go.

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The plugin is now listed in the CP directory: