I realize that I am probably “way ahead” of where the development curve is right now, but one thing I would LOVE to see is a TABLE plugin exclusive to CP that allows full sorting, etc. for way down the road I expect, but that kind of plugin would certainly lend itself to the “business” direction

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Can’t this already be done using the well-established TablePress plugin? It’s not clear to me why such functionality necessarily has to be exclusive to ClassicPress.

Just thinking along the lines of having plugins that exceed the capabilities of others, particularly in the sense of “business”; Tablepress is great, I use it all the time. Having Tablepress, with a few more features, would work, too, if he was willing to be the featured plugin- AND, withdraw it from the Wordpress plugin repository

I wouldn’t think asking developers to remove their plugins for WordPress is a great way to promote ClassicPress.

CP is never going to overtake WP and getting people offside is only going to hurt us.


I’m not positive about them removing plugins either, but it would surely get their attention lol. OTOH, I believe that WP 5.0 is going to fall flat on its butt, whenever they release it. In my mind, that could mean a MASS exodus from WP to CP

Isn’t this what the VIEWs module in Drupal does – but on steroids? I do remember running into a VIEWs adoption for WP. Will have to look for that. But… I keep thinking USP for CP, which to me means moving toward having something even better than what is. But developers… deverlopers… developers.

I just converted a WP 5.4.4 site to CP and the only apparent issue so far is with TablePress. It’s telling me that the installed version of WP (CP) is not compatible with the installed version of TablePress (1.12).

Looking at the TablePress changelog, version 1.10 of TP (11/12/2019) is when he updated the required version of WP to 5.3. For now I modified TP to accept WP 4.9, but rolling back to an older version of TP might be a better idea, even though TP seems to be working fine at this time.

My bad. I see now that this has been addressed already in this post: TablePress has dropped support for WP pre 5.3