Termageddon, anyone?

I recently signed up on Termageddon.com, which is a cross-platform premium solution for auto-updating policies that you can drop on your site and basically forget about it. They will update on their own as needed. I had a great conversation with Hans Skillrud, who is one of the Cofounders of Termageddon, and he was pretty excited to hear about us here at ClassicPress.

I wanted to share the service because the customer service has been very personal and I’m really impressed with the entire setup. It was quick, easy, and there’s no Termageddon branding all over the place… plus there’s a nice agency partnership you can get involved in if it works for you.


Thank you so much for sharing our link with this community :slight_smile:

So with Termageddon, web agencies get a free set of our auto-updating website policies in the hopes they like our product and want to reseller/refer it to their client base.

I’d be happy to answer any q’s you may have within this post, or feel free to reach out right on our website!


From my quick look (and peeking at @BlueSkyPhoenix’s site), it looks like a really great service! I do wonder, do you only support USA based companies at this point?