The Future of ClassicPress Discussion

So after further discussions today on Slack, I think we agreed on a tentative plan to proceed with re-fork.

  1. We will begin work in an experimental repository using WP-CMS codebase only.
  2. A separate repository will allow us to do the work without polluting main repository and history of v1.
  3. When v2 is considered ready we will branch v1 and drop v2 codebase into develop branch.
  4. When changes from v1 are brought in to v2, the commit should follow this structure:
  5. Next, we will need to come up with a list of features (and their PRs) to migrate to v2. This should be done as an issue in Github with checkbox tasks to keep track.
  6. We need to make a list of APIs that need to be updated.
  7. We need to make a list of branding changes that need to be done.
  8. We need to review the code and remove/update any WP-CMS specific code (for example, core update and translations have WP-CMS specific code)
  9. We need to make a list of new changes that we may want to implement. (Ex: disabling WEBP by default.)
  10. We need to review the core code/files for any remnants of block code. I saw at least one so far /wp-includes/theme.json.
  11. Once we break down the work into a manageable list, we will need your help to start! With a clear list of tasks to complete, I would like everyone interested in helping to claim the tasks they wish to complete. Even if you can only complete one task, that’s a lot of help and we will appreciate it!

We may find additional work that needs to be done as we begin forking.

A blog post announcement will be published for the general public once we get some feedback on this roadmap.

Anyone willing to help either leave your GitHub username here or private message me to be invited to the repository.