[Thoughts] Google partnering with WordPress to create ‘Newspack’ CMS optimized for local journalism

If you are still not aware of this Google partnering with WordPress to create ‘Newspack’ CMS optimized for local journalism

Quite interesting news, regarding the future of WP.com (which definitely affects WP.org) and it even tells a bit more on the push for the block editor.
I also think that after this, the CP fork makes even more sense as a business oriented CMS.

food for thought

edit: forgot to include the original announcement


Makes you think if gutenberg was really just for Newspack and we were all forced into a guinea pig role. Like I don’t want that to be true, as I’d rather blame Gutenberg on Matt’s incompetent ambition that still came from a good place, rather then seeing it as a corporate scheme. But it still tickled my inner conspiracy theorist haha.


That it was a corporate move was very clear. It’s not evil however. It’s meant for a precise target and will leave others behind. It’s a poor policy. But we as end users have an option in both deciding which cms is best for us and in consequence of this in shaping the kind of policies we want to see applied from companies like Google. What if, due to their pushing GB on everyone, people boycott wp and this newspack, and Google looses its money?

By any means I didn’t mention this to talk about evil companies and conspiracy theories.

It is something between a philosophic discussion and playing Nostradamus on how the whole ecosystem will shape up.


My two cents? Google controls who sees what and why. Google founds newspack is an obvious option, Google and Automattic are targeting the companies who produce news. Control them and your message will be spread in front of everyone reading news. More money for them. This will leave behind everyone else.
This “everyone else” has the power to select not to follow their way to do business by choosing an alternative like cp. And this in my opinion will shape a part of future.
In a way wp going that way is a good thing, it gave space to develop alternatives, so that in the future there won’t be a sole king. People will still choose wp, but these days I feel people tend to divide wp and cp users
What I mean is I see a blurred line. And it’s OK. I feel there is space for wp to go its way and for CP to grow. In the early days of CP I felt excluded from wp because I was supporting CP. Now I feel as everyone is looking around to assess sharp positions (if you wp you are not cp and viceversa). What I want to say is I think it’s OK to accept that there is a blurred line between cp and wp. The two aim different target and nevertheless sometimes overlap. It is clear that Automattic goes where money is. It’s not conspiracy. Is just logic. It’s clear many will dislike this. For me it means there is space for diversity and grow if we behave in a competitive and fair way. We will help wp grow if we grow ourselves. And this is good because it’s not us or them. It can be both.


Google obviously wants to control all sort of information.
It is currently forcing the independent content creators and commentators to move out of YT, it came out that it manipulated multiple times its search results and now with the excuse that it will supposedly support small newsrooms it steps in the most popular blogging platform.

Γειά σου Χρήστο :slight_smile:


I think it’s pretty obvious that varying layouts are well-suited to newsy sites. Gutenberg meets this need.

Gutenberg absolutely had to go in core, otherwise Automattic would have missed out on a boatload of free labor.