Timeless Text 2.0.0

:new: Timeless Text

Have you ever seen (or used!) phrases like this on a client’s (or your own!) website?

We have n years of experience in…

We’ve been in the business for n years…

We have n years of combined experience in…

…well, those texts fall out of date in a year (at most) and, let’s face it: these numbers are easy to just forget about. With the Timeless Text plugin, you actually can forget about them and the plugin will make sure they’re always correct! A simple shortcode is all it takes. Now with support for multiple, cumulative years! This is a tiny plugin that will help your clients know you’re all about the details. :arrow_upper_right: Learn More

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Timeless Text 2.0.0

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Great name! I always thought Years Since didn’t quite hit the mark, but Timeless Text is brilliant.