TukuToi Maintenance 2.0.3

TukuToi Maintenance

TukuToi Maintenance allows you to setup and control a Custom “Under Maintenance” or “Coming Soon” Screen for your WordPress Website.
It is made to work both with ClassicPress as well as WordPress 4.9+


Either from The ClassicPress Directory, or from Git or from the WP Plugin Repo.


Thru GitHub, or adequate support forum of plugin.
If you use ClassicPress forum, please @ mention me in your forum post.

One more Maintenance Plugin?!
Why should I even bother.

Some Maintenance Plugins are full blown page builders, and yet they forget to add a proper header response when you activate maintenance mode, or do not let you modify it with (valid) custom response.
The very core requirement of a maintenance mode is a response for robots, so your site is not punished, and a response for humans which looks nice enough and is informative in regard of “what is happening, when we will be back”

There is no need to create a new Template with all bells and whistles to do that. This plugin covers exactly the required needs, and does not add any bloat to the site, as well does not require you to learn one more page builder’s features to simply put your site into a maintenance mode.

I am using the plugin on my own sites, and am happy to take feature requests, feedback and critique in same forums as Bugs mentioned above.