TukuToi Send Email If 1.0.1

TukuToi Send Email If

Sometimes, you need to know when certain posts are being viewed/visited/discovered by users, be it guests or logged in users.
For example, in a Talent Discovery Directory you might want to inform the Talent or Talent Manager that someone is vieweing their Talent Profile right now. You might want to do that discretly, but reliably, without bloating the website with heavy (and Privacy problematic) user tracking.
TukuToi Send Email If has a solution to that problem.
It allows you to easily trigger an email to a given receiver, whenever a certain post is visited by users of a defined role.
It is made to to work both with ClassicPress as well as WordPress 4.9+


Either from The ClassicPress Directory, or from Git or from the WP Plugin Repo.


Thru GitHub, or adequate support forum of plugin. If you use ClassicPress forum, please @ mention me in your forum post.

Plugin does nothing when installed?!
That’s right. It’s so minimal that you’ll need to add few filters to your theme to kick-start it.
All filters are documented here.