Unable to reach update-core since upgrading to 1.1

Expected behavior

Previously able to see Dashboard>Update menu option whether there are updates available or not.

Current behavior

After upgrade the update menu is gone. Have Udesign theme that needs an update but unable to perform it. If I manually insert the path /update-core.php I get an error saying “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”


I suspect that page is gone for core is set to authomated upgrades, but I may be wrong on this.
You can update your theme just by going to appearance>installed themes. There you will see a grid view with the themes you have. If one needs updating it will show a red circle and an orange highlited warning. Just click on “update now” in the warning. The circle will start to turn around and a green check is going to show theme is updated.
Edited to add: plugins update works just the same. Go to plugins>installed plugins and select the ones showing the need for update. Then select update from the drop down menu located above or at the bottom of the list and hit apply button.

No, this page should always be visible to administrators. Nothing about this has changed from WP or from previous ClassicPress releases.

@GTMAN it sounds to me like you are not logged in as an administrator. Do you see a “Users” option in the dashboard, or just “Profile”? If you only see “Profile” then that is another confirmation that your current account is not an administrator.

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Good to know. Thanks for clarifying.

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Might be a multisite and you are logged in as a site admin and not the network admin.


Can someone help with a build url to roll back the update using the migration plugin.?

Never mind that’s broken as well so I’ll have to do it manually.

Just to say I have admin rights and created a new user as admin with the same results.

@GTMAN can you send a screenshot of the update-core.php page you’re trying to visit, including the URL?

You could also take a look at the wp-admin/update-core.php file using an FTP client and see if anything looks weird (size, permissions, etc). This file should be around 32 kilobytes in size.

Finally this is probably something a plugin or mu-plugin could do if it tried hard enough. What plugins and mu-plugins do you have active?

Hi James, I rolled back and it was the same. Found the offending line in the config file.

define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_MODS’, true);

Not sure where it came from …potentially Wordfence? Will report back when I find out. Thanks for everyones time!


Thanks for the update.

I did not realize this would disable the updates screen entirely. Looks like we inherited this behavior from WordPress.

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