Update Manager 2.0.0

Update Manager 2.0.0

Painlessly push updates to your ClassicPress plugin and theme users! Serve updates from GitHub, your own site, or somewhere in the cloud. 100% integrated with the ClassicPress update process; super-slim and performant. Incredibly easy!

:new: What’s New

The biggest news is that theme support has been added – now theme developers, too, can push updates out to their end users! :star_struck: Additionally, this version got a huge performance boost, making the check for updates faster than ever. :rocket: There are also a few UI and UX improvements such as version numbers displayed in their admin rows… and a handy, expandable cheat sheet that describes the possible header properties you can use in your plugin or theme endpoints. :hugs: You’ll find that virtually every drop of feedback received has been implemented in some (often subtle) way and I hope you love the new version!

:arrow_down: Download

Download Update Manager 2.0.0 to manually install or check your dashboard for the update.

:spiral_notepad: Upgrade Notes

  • The UpdateClient.class.php file has changed, which means the new version of the file will need to be pushed out into your own plugins at some point. The old file remains compatible with the new version of Update Manager; no breaking changes.

  • This is a major version upgrade and some functions/methods have been deprecated and replaced. Breaking changes are not expected, however, if you experience any issues, please do file a report.

:man_juggling:: Support

See the online documentation – it has been updated for this version. If you still need an assist, please create a dedicated thread in the Plugin Support forum and we’ll go from there.

:star: Review

If you haven’t submitted a quick review, please consider it. If you’ve already submitted one for this plugin, thank you for the reciprocal support! New features give you endorphins, great reviews give me endorphins. What, I’m only human! :blush:

:pray: Thanks

Thanks to all of you who have adopted the plugin, reported issues, bounced ideas, tested features, and so much more – your efforts have directly helped Update Manager evolve into a nifty little piece of software! And…I’d like to extend an extra hat tip to @Simone, author of the Stats for Update Manager extension – he was very helpful in testing this version and has coordinated development of his extension to perfectly coincide with this release. Thank you all for helping to create great open source software! :muscle:

Edit: Bumped to RC2.
Edit: Released 2.0.0; updated this post to reflect.


I not sure I know where to start with praises on this one so I’m just gonna say this on the above quote…Only top developers, I repeat - Only “Top Developers” do this and you sir are proving to be just that :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words! It takes a village. :slight_smile:


It helps a lot with testing… loved the transient inspector.
If you feel it adds too much weight to the code maybe a filter to disable/enable it could be a solution.


I’ve found the tool indispensable and it has saved me a lot of time and clicks, so, it wouldn’t be completely retired. If the consensus is to remove it, I’ll port it into an extension of its own (like Stats!) so we’ll still have access. :slight_smile:


Another option here would be to only show this if WP_DEBUG is true (or use some other constant instead, if you prefer). This seems pretty natural for this kind of feature and it would be one less extension to maintain separately.


An interesting idea, linking it to the value of WP_DEBUG

And there’s no arguing with your “one less extension” logic. :100:

At this point, it looks like keep it has the edge.


Just a quick note that 2.0.0 is out and will be appearing in your dashboards soon.

P.S. Sorry for not drafting a whole new post… I updated the title, links and text of the original post if that’s any consolation. :wink:


I’ve just updated my Update Manager site and updated the client class in my ClassicPress plugins, and all went fine. Thanks very much for your ongoing efforts on this plugin!


Thanks, @anon95694377 – I appreciate your stopping by to share your experience! …and glad to hear it went smoothly!


CP Brute Force Login Protection has also been updated to 2.0.3 to include changes to Update Manager.


Great news, @aussie! :slight_smile:


onya ,)