Update Manager adoption completed

Update Manager

First of all I have to thank @Code_Potent for placing his trust in me, for the efforts he placed in writing his plugins and the great job for assuring a smooth transition!
I am thrilled and honoured to have the opportunity to work on this project!
And I have to say that Update Manager is the plugin I :heart: more!

Update Manager will keep Code Potent “look and feel”, starting from the font and colors in the new icon and banner.

In the short I’ll work on some existing little issue and will add a way to help developer to let their user choice if they want to be “logged” by “Stats for Update Manager” plugin.

The number of installation of the Statistics plugin is very low compared to Update manager ones. This makes me think that this plugin is used for pushing updates for “utility” plugins, so it’s utility will remain even with the integration in ClassicPress of the plugin directory.


The Plugin Support Category will be the place where you can get support.
Github repo is the right place for issues.


You can get the latest version from the Github repo