Update to 1.0.0-rc2, but hosting company offers update to 5.1

The update it took place with absolutely no problem. A little bit weird, I received an email latter from my host with a message asking me for an update to WordPress 5.1:

''The following script updates are available:

WordPress 5.1:

To upgrade these scripts go to your Control Panel -> Softaculous -> Installations.
There you will be able to update the scripts.’’

Of course I could unsubscribe from such emails but I would ask if this behaviour is normal. [on dashboard there are no notifications for an update, everything is fine, I’m running normally on ClassicPress rc2, without glitches and I don’t encounter any kind of problems on update] .

Thank you.

Hi Stefan, the best thing to do in this case would be to write your hosting company and ask them to support ClassicPress sites (i.e. not to prompt for an upgrade to WP 5.1 if the site is running ClassicPress).

I talked to them today, many people still do not know/they did not heard yet about ClassicPress. I made the suggestion and the hosting company will be supportive. Now they fully understand the situation. Thank you.


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