Updates link very slow to respond on one site

This is a quirky little issue and I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced it. It may be server related.

On one (and only one) of my sites when I click the “Updates” link in the admin menu, it takes 35-40 seconds to respond, and then tells me there are no updates, even though I know I have a plugin that need updating (my Utility plugin). I don’t think it’s an issue with my plugin because updating it worked perfectly on more than a dozen other sites.

I have even tried deleting all the plugins off the site, and it is still taking 35-40 seconds to check for updates. The site did auto-update to CP1.1.1 without any problems.

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Seems that public function get_data($action, $plugin = '') in the updater of your plugin takes some time and is executed twice…

BEGIN: 2019-10-22                 09:12:54:0.68031100
after wp_remote_post: 2019-10-22  09:12:57:0.65400000
STOP: 2019-10-22                  09:12:57:0.65407600
BEGIN: 2019-10-22                 09:12:58:0.54948000
after wp_remote_post: 2019-10-22  09:13:00:0.94832100
STOP: 2019-10-22                  09:13:00:0.94835400

64 bytes from 103.XX.XX.28: icmp_seq=1 ttl=49 time=323 ms


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Try installing Query Monitor, this will tell you what part of the page load is slow.

I suspect it’s a call to a remote server that is failing, but this will let you confirm whether that’s what’s going on and what specific request is causing the issue.


Thanks James. Query monitor showed me the problem. It was my theme (which is also my own custom theme). cURL error 28. It tried to connect to my updating url and failed (timeout is set at 10 secs), so it tried http and that failed. Then it tried both those again a bit later, so total 40 seconds.

All my other sites work with this, so there must be some reason those 2 servers won’t talk to each other. I’ll ask the hosting company.

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Yes, it was a problem with communication between two servers on my host. They have fixed it and it’s working normally now. Thanks for the suggestions. Query Monitor is a very useful tool.


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