Updates to 1.0.0 so far

So far one site I’m aware of automatically updated to V 1.0.

Other sites for some reason are not automatically updating.

The site that automatically updated I’m noticing is very slow to load, but not sure yet if that is hosting-related or something else.

5 of mine have upgraded and are running just as they weer.

The auto update isn’t all at the same time; they’ve staggered over the last few hours.


None of mine have had a chance to auto-update because I went around and manually updated all of them. Outside of that, everything is running as expected on my end, no slowdown whatsoever.

Do you have any errors?

Sites seem to update after being visited. The first to upgrade were my busiest sites.

I’ve just visited two new ones which have zero traffic and they then updated.

Is auto-updating normal? I wasn’t expecting that.

Yes, automatic updates are enabled by default since 1.0.0-rc1. More info: https://docs.classicpress.net/updating-classicpress/#updating-classicpress-automatically

Update checks are performed when you click the “check for updates” button in the dashboard, and also every 12 hours using the WP Cron system (ref).

WP Cron events are triggered by page visits, so for sites with very low traffic, you may need to visit the site yourself to trigger the update check.

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