Use Forum in a Web App with Fluid (macOS)

Just an inspiration for all forum members that are on macOS:

You can use this forum site as a nice web app - create with the „Fluid" app.

Why I do this myself?

  • extra app icon in dock independent from my browsers (no search for tab…)
  • Fluid supports user styles and user scripts and some other stuff so it can be customized also if wanted… :slight_smile:
  • I can start it via Alfred launcher
  • I can use it on another desktop/workspace and also with split view (also possible with browser but involves more steps…)
  • you can also transform the web app into a menu bar app if wanted (and convert back to browser app at any time)

Note: Fluid is a native Mac app, NO Electron wrapper — Fluid uses Safari webview in the background (as of my knowledge) and performs WAY BETTER than any Electron-based web app.


This is really cool, I had never heard of Fluid Apps but always wanted something like it!

Now I can finally unpin my 5 main tabs I use :slight_smile:

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