User Notification Default e-mail and name

I will add these to petitions, but wanted to discuss them here, since people don’t necessarily visit petitions all that often.

@james mentioned that changing the login logo to the site logo is an easy and business-friendly move.
I whole-heartedly agree.

How difficult would it be to change the default e-mail address notifications are sent from?
Having your customers notified from “WP” at your domain just isn’t all that professional.

Additionally, the e-mail from name also displays as WP.
Having it displayed as the site name instead would be nice.

It is only four lines to do both of these things with a custom plugin?


Great thoughts, @anon71742606! Glad you’re adding these as petitions. Headed there now to vote on them! :slight_smile:

Omuki said in Slack that there is a petition with regards to changing the address to no-reply.
I could not find it on the petitions site though.
Apparently there is an issue on GitHub.
CodePotent posted the link.
Will post an update about petitions tomorrow or Monday.

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