Valid Home page options?

I was answering a question in the WP forums, and one of the admins replied with what I think is an incorrect assessment of how the Home Page options work.
Note that there is a 10 on the URL, so it’s been asked a few times!

So I was wondering if anyone else knows how it should work and if both Page on Front and Latest Posts Page need to be set, then why does the code not enforce that?
Has anyone had a problem with how it works now?

I have never set both page and post url when I select the static page option. Interesting that he says you must do it… I guess I’ve been lucky so far that my sites haven’t imploded.

And, as you say, if it’s a “must” then why doesn’t the code enforce it.


Since posts go on the front page as normal behaviour, it’s obvious that when you need your front page to show something else you have both to specify that and what page the post you publish get assigned to.
Usually one creates a “Blog” page for this. It’s always been like this from the start and it’s just plain logic.
On the “why the WP doesn’t throw a tantrum when configuration is wrong”, here I may agree it would be better having a notice in place.

Actually I never assign a blog page, because I dont need it. We have our own way of displaying the posts, so the blogpage would just get in the way. Also, I dont want to be attacking, but I never liked Otto42, he always has this holier than thou attitude and acts like his way is the only way.

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It’s just a part of blogging-oriented logic. Most of my sites (commercial) use custom post types and taxonomies, and have no blog section at all. So my “latest posts” belong to different target groups and nobody needs to mix them in a single page.

But it’s legacy. Trying to please everybody means that nobody is totally satisfied at the end) That’s a short guide to understand WP default behaviour.