WebP Images as a standard

Hello, I ve just tested my website at https://web.dev/measure (Google) and i got this nice " Serve images in next-gen formats - [Use WebP images] -> with high priority.
Considering i m using only lossy jpg with an image compressor, i was not happy about that.
WP does not support WebP and it s also kinda tricky to set WebP images.
What about make this native? I cannot dig too much into this subject coz i m a newbie, but again if God Google says it s better to use WebP, I am gonna use WebP.


While the files are smaller, Google does has a vested interest in recommending it’s own webp image format. Thing is, browser support is still spotty. There are online tools you can use to convert your images to webp format before uploading them – you’ll also need a filter to allow the filetype as it’s not allowed, by default. To me, this isn’t ready for core inclusion.

More importantly, chasing Google Pagespeed scores will always leave you running. Indeed, many of Google’s own properties don’t even follow all of those recommendations. Consider also that using Google fonts will throw a render-blocking error, so… yeah. Food for thought.


Again and again in the WordPress Speed-Up Facebook group, I read comments to the effect of:

“Forget Google performance metrics and scores, focus on the actual speed your users experience.”

And I think they have a point. Just this week I had a client concerned about their Google Pagespeed score, when their site was actually flying. But they got caught up on these spurious comments by Google about next gen image formats and the like. Google is not being helpful in these situations, and WebP is definitely a red herring, particularly when you look at browser and OS support for it as CodePotent says.


I’m from the same school of thought, @anon95694377 – the actual user experience is what matters most (even to Google). Google complains about a couple of things on my site…and it’s pretty fast. I do run my site through PSI (and Pingdom), but prefer to use GTMetrix for gauging where I’m actually at. Last I looked, PSI rated my site 70/80 mobile/desktop – GTMetrix reports a score of 98.


Webp makes zero improvement tbh, and it’s anything but a “next gen” format. Doesn’t even support 1-bit alpha (AFAIK) making the alpha compression awful on almost any JPEG style image. Mozjpeg usually produces equal or better quality when using a high quality like “-tune-ssim -quality 90”.


Or, for folks who prefer a browser-based solution for reducing image size, TinyJPG works very well.


Two WP plugins - ShortPixel and TinyPNG works well for reducing image sizes. I use both, slightly prefer ShortPixel. WebP? No, the same situation as with AMP.

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Googol pats itself on the back, a bit too much.

Check out RIOT to compress. Recently had some super HQ jpg images (40MB+) hover under 200kb after compression.

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@rotello there is a petition to support WebP images in core, if it is something you are interested in make sure to vote for it :slightly_smiling_face:


While I do hope this doesn’t get voted in anytime soon, this approach is what I love about ClassicPress.


The comment were informative enough to understand WebP is not ready yet. Better invest time in more important thing

ps i m using ShortPixel, too


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