Weird Bug in RC1


I updated to RC1 the other day, and now there’s an odd bug. I wrote a post last night, and after publishing, I noticed that a link in it was not working on the home page, but it does on the single post page.

Home view:

Single post view:

What’s even weirder is posts that I wrote prior to the update don’t have this problem. Maybe I’m being dumb here, but what the what? :anguished:


Can you provide a link so that we can see it first hand?


Homepage: (post in question is on top)

Single post:


Looking at the source code the link is not wrapped around the words “writing prompt”


Good catch, thank you! (Although, weirdly, the link worked fine on the single page.)

Sorry to waste your time, guys. I’ll mark this resolved. Feel free to delete the thread.


No worries we are all here to help, so we won’t be deleting it :slight_smile:

Thank you @anon63659058 for your help here :slight_smile:

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