What are some of the most important open source plugins in the pre-Gutenberg WP ecosystem? I want to try to keep them compatible with the CP Next version I am working on

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Thank you for asking.

I nominate Next-Gen Gallery’s OSS fork, Nextcellent Gallery.

This plugin has a troubled and tangled history through several companies, but is very useful for organising (which is where the stock WP Media fails) posting (more options than the stock Media) images. For me, it makes WP possible to use as a media presentation platform.

In particular, it uses Galleries, which are folders of images and posts single images, whole Galleries or Albums, which are collections of Galleries, I tried the latter but but do not use, it would be useful for putting a lot of images on one page or post.

The useful part is that I can post a related group of images in a post or a single one very quickly, and I can use a Gallery to save the single images in one place by year, so tracking down an image is easy by looking at the link.

Also, when Google, etc. decide to reach into the cookie jar, NG allows me to change the path in its control panel, so I can alter the top folder name by one letter and do likewise in NG and my photos are safe from being plundered by bots.

Google has a habit, and now automattic also does, of supplying free thumbnails of my work to people hotlinking it from my site. The ability to easily change the path to all my work undermines that.

IIRC, Nextcellent was a student project and abandoned. Some features of the current Next-Gen fail to work for me and it is missing features as the current group drive to monetise it.

UPDATE, the current version of the commercial Nextgen Gallery does not work on CP.

had some issues, but the basic useful parts worked fine and better than any of the commercial versions.

UPDATE; Nextcellent works on CP with PHP 7.4.28, so far it shows a failure on image upload but the image actually does upload and is usable and can be added to a post.

Twere it me, Nextcellent would be included in the stock install as an alternative to WP’s Media. At the time it was developed it had a decent following and brought a lot of long-time users along.

Do you have any serious long-form content bloggers here? There are things that are important to us:

  • Table of Contents plugin (most use Easy Table of Contents in WP)

  • Ability to paste a video URL in and have the video appear full screen (plugin or code)

  • Broken link checker - the plugin is problematic so maybe an online version can be used as a replacement

  • Anti-spambot plugin. A developer created one and named it after my site (GrowMap anti-spambot plugin aka G.A.S.P.) It was brilliant because it blocked spam so you could see your real comments. That developer had serious health issues. The relative who took over CommentLuv did not release a free version of G.A.S.P. but the functionality still exists in CommentLuv Premium plugin (built before Gutenberg existed). [Akismet is a joke and totally worthless because it lets all the spam in while putting your real commenters in with the thousands of spam comments.]

  • Comments are an important part of building a community so various comment functions have been used. I was a huge fan of CommentLuv Premium and may test to see if it will work in Classic Press as it is old enough to probably work.

Of the above, the ability to deal with 1000s of spam comments a day without touching them is the most important.


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