What are your top 5 plugin needs?

Thanks for your additional thoughts on this. Totally agree. This is why I’m primarily interested in hearing from those who build sites for others as a business – they will have seen requirements patterns that single-site-owners wouldn’t be as privy to. Of course, this is a very, very small sample size, so, a bit of guesswork and luck will also be involved. :slight_smile:


My 5:

  • ACF Pro
  • Security (currently Shield)
  • Centralised control (currently MainWP)
  • Backups (currently UpdraftPlus)
  • Forms (gradually moving sites from Caldera to Formidable)

My 5.

  • Security
  • SEO
  • Cache/Optimization
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Publicize post to Social Networks/Subscribers (and newsletter)
  1. Caching (Redis)
  2. SEO (Rank Math, else sometimes Genesis or I create custom fields)
  3. E-mail delivery API (SparkPost, Mailgun, SendGrid, SES, etc.)
  4. Forms (usually Gravity Forms Elite, else Forminator if they have more basic needs)
  5. Utilities (Better Search Replace, Regenerate Thumbnails, Safe SVG, etc…)

Many of my Guten-free clients use some sort of page builder (or advanced editor) as well, but I didn’t include that because it varies greatly by client/site. Security is present in various forms, but that also varies greatly by setup and site.

I am fortunate that none of my clients give a damn about the GDPR. I always ask them about it, though! :slight_smile:


I really appreciate your responses, everyone – thanks! And, just to clarify, this thread isn’t “over” … if you came late to the show, you can still add your list of needs here. And, please do! :slight_smile:

As ClassicPress aims to be a business-focused CMS, it’s really important that we (3rd party devs) understand your business requirements. Without this, we can only go by “general business requirements” and this leaves a lot of room for interpretation…and a lot of room to miss the mark.

Thanks again for your thoughts and participation!


1- SEO - ClassicSEO is excellent

2- Cache/Redis - The super cloudflare cache does an excellent service

3- Security- Shield Security is very good

The most important thing is to keep the core as it currently stands.

A specific plugin to insert the verification of meta tags, from the various search engines, this alone is nothing more.

1- Caching (lscache when I’m on a ols/ls server, wp fastest cache otherwise)
2- Fast velocity minify/Autoptimize/others like that
3- Database optimization/cleanup (advanced database cleaner, etc)
4-File manager (I usually use Filister)
5- Fluent SMTP(sadly WP only)

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