What does "Powerful, Versatile, Predictable" mean to you?


@BMJinGA, I’m sure that your Jeff would have fit right in here. Thanks for sharing such a personal story, and for being part of our community.


I have some intermediate results. They by no means are for the tagline purpose, but may be used like a soundbits in communication. Press release, for example.

Content management system, focused on content management, not a blocks playground system, focused on block government.

Creating content vs. creating a layout.

CP v.2 going to be like a PRO version of the ordinary WP.


Other then just sounding really great, I do have a bit of an idea of what each individual word means to me:

Secure. Can handle some tugging and prodding. Runs smoothly with any size website.

Available for many different kinds of projects. Can run simple blogs but also complex multi-layered webshops or big multisite installations.

If I install this now, I don’t have to worry that somebody will change the whole thing overnight. I can always predict what the next step is, and can even guarantee continued support for the long haul.


Creating content vs. creating a layout.

I love that.


Yes, that was my favourite too. Succinct, but says it all.


@LinasSimonis tell me more about “Creating content vs. creating a layout”.

Can you elaborate?


ClassicPress focuses on the creating text content, TinyMCE is the most familiar and most productive text editor, very similar to desktop text editors, etc, etc. Gutenberg is about creating a layout, many text writers complain about difficulties to write fast and lost of productivity.

Gutenberg created ability to create a layout of the page and sacrifised convenience and speed of content creating. So, if your focus is not the ability to create a different layout for every page, and you want productivity in content creating, you should choose CP. If you want to play with blocks - please, choose WP.


Thanks! This is helpful!