What does "Push your PR commits and changes to the develop branch" mean?

I am trying to do a pull request to classic-commerce. The last step is " Push your PR commits and changes to the develop branch". I don’t understand what this means as I cannot find a develop branch for classic-commerce.

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You’re right, there seems to exist no develop branch for that plugin, and it probably should exist.

However only owners will be able to branch that out.

@wadestriebel any idea who can do that?


I assume this is from here: https://github.com/ClassicPress-plugins/classic-commerce/blob/10650f8347d4307b8b02ccdc76195e544cb50e51/.github/CONTRIBUTING.md#submit-a-pr

I believe that should say “open a PR to the develop branch”, but you are right there is no develop branch so master should be okay :slight_smile:


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