What is missing in the ClassicPress project that you could contribute to?

Originally published at: https://www.classicpress.net/blog/2019/04/04/what-is-missing-in-the-classicpress-project-that-you-could-contribute-to/

Every open source project has an amazing community where individuals can use their particular skillset to help the project evolve. To ensure the project is managed and promoted in a way that maintains its primary objective, it needs feedback and help from the ever-growing user base. One of the reasons we created ClassicPress was because…


I personally enjoying adding to Docs. Looking forward to when we start our own docs to avoid people jumping around for solutions.


We already have docs.classicpress.net and https://www.classicpress.net/faqs/ . If you’d be interested we could definitely use help improving and organizing these better.

We also need more developers who know how to use git effectively and who can help maintain unit tests, build procedures, etc. If you are interested in this or interested in learning then get in touch!


The first thing that you can do is open that websites, check what is missing or it is incomplete, start a new discussion on Discourse and plan what to do with priorities :slight_smile: