White Screen of Death protection feature

Wordpress will soon put this into core. Described here: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/44458 and here: WordPress 5.1 to Introduce New White Screen Protection Feature, Beta 1 Now Available for Testing – WP Tavern

Read-only archive: https://petitions.classicpress.net/posts/161/white-screen-of-death-protection-feature

Author: Nyssa the Hobbit

Vote count: 10

Status: open


What is the current take on this feature after it’s been in WP for a while now?

There is still (?) some trouble with the email not being sent, and with people not understanding what to do even though they get an email telling them to click the Recovery link.
But it does help a lot of people to get their site fixed when a plugin or theme has got a fatal error.
There are still a few cases of the fatal being from core, but not very many.

This is a no for me, for all the reasons mentioned in the comments of the original petition and also due to the very large amount of complexity and risk involved in this change.

I am setting this thread to close in 1 week so that anyone who votes for this petition will have their vote freed up for petitions that are a better fit for ClassicPress. Replies here are welcome until then, and after that period the procedure to request that this petition be re-opened is to start a new thread.

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