Why can't I UPDATE Classic Press?

When I try to update CP, I get the following message…

Unable to determine whether a ClassicPress update is available.

You may be running a customized build of ClassicPress, or your server may be having internet connectivity problems.

What’s going on? Unfortunately, I don’t remember which version of CP I had installed before this message began to appear

Hey Dick,

Happy to help. What does it say in the bottom right corner of your Dashboard page?

The other way to check your version is to check your website’s source code for the generator meta tag if you haven’t removed it. Go to your homepage, view the source code, and look for this meta tag:
<meta name="generator" content="WordPress 4.9.22 (compatible; ClassicPress 1.5.0)">

ClassicPress 1.5.0 is the version in this case.

I checked his main site out of curiosity: ClassicPress 1.4.4

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Thanks Viktor & Doug… now I know I’m on 1.4.4… I’ve been away for almost a year, fighting cancer, so as you might imagine, my brain is a little “muddled” right now. Though the system shows me as just signing up for the forums today, I’ve actually been with ClassicPress since it first came out.

Is 1.4.4 the “last” update that will be released for older versions of Wordpress? If I moved to the 1.5.0 final version (when it’s ready), will I have problems with my themes and plugins? Just wondering.

Thanks again for your quick reply.

Sorry to hear about cancer. Wishing you a speedy and permanent recovery!

Your name did sound familiar but I wasn’t sure. Is this your previous account?

I can help merge them if you’d like. You used a different email on that one.

1.4.4 was the last version of the 1.4.x branch. 1.5.0 is the latest stable version with PHP 8.0 support. As long as you’re not on PHP 5.6, upgrading to 1.5.0 should not cause any problems. A few bugs related to PHP 5.6 will be fixed in 1.5.1, which will come out soon.

  1. If you go to your updates page /wp-admin/update-core.php, does it have the option to re-install? I would try re-installing to see if that works and cleans up any possible issues with core files. Then try updating.

  1. It’s possible there is a problem communicating with our API server. You can download this ClassicPress SSL Fix (download zip) plugin to see if it helps and it will also indicate if your hosting server can communicate with our API server:

  1. As a last resort, if nothing helped, a manual upgrade through cPanel File Manager or FTP client might be necessary.

Yes, please do merge the accounts

Is there a list of plugins that have failed after upgrading to the 1.5 version?

Also, is there a step by step guide for installing 1.5?

Thanks for your help and time!

Viktor has a screenshot above of the location of the update page under the Dashboard. Instead of “You have the latest version of ClassicPress,” your message should alert you to the new version 1.5 and provide an update option, which should simply install 1.5 for you. You can try the update in a development environment first on your own computer to look for problems (plugins etc.) if you have set up such a local host. You’ll need to back up your content and database in any case before trying 1.5.

SUPER! I checked the “Outgoing Connections” in my CP Host panel, and added the GITHUB server to the allowed list… now the update for 1.5 shows up. I did the backup, ran the update, and all seems to be OK.

Thanks, guys!

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That sounds great. Glad it worked. Could you share a screenshot of the panel where you added the GitHub server to the allowed list? We should create an article on the docs site, in case this happens to anyone else again.

Here’s a shot of the CONNECTION MANAGER in my control panel; this is how I got the update to work

Thanks! So you whitelisted actual IP addresses. This is good to know and we probably should provide a list of GitHub IPs. This is also how plugins/themes will be downloaded through our new directory.

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