Why do you use ClassicPress instead of WordPress?

Thanks for sharing @avyas. Your blog looks great! I’m happy to see ClassicPress fits your needs and was able to deliver a better content management experience. I saw you like to use markdown, if you haven’t seen yet we do have two markdown plugins Markdown and there’s also peendev-markdown, which uses EasyMDE Markdown editor.

Many thanks for the feedback and the information on the Markdown plugins- they are absolutely fantastic!
Makes my writing workflow much more streamlined.

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Hi everyone!

ClassicPress had been in my backpocket as an option for awhile now-- out of all the blogging alternatives I’ve tried, I wanted to stay in the WP/CP ecosystem. I thought to myself, “if I ever get really fed up with WordPress’ practices (read: enshittification) , I have something to fall back on.”

I hated the block system when it was first implemented. I got used to it, eventually, but I never liked it. I tolerated it. And I really didn’t like how simple customization was now behind a paywall, because Blocks.

After the leak of Attomatic planning to sell content to train AI models, I finally stopped waffling and made the plunge. Before I knew it, I had ClassicPress installed, patches updated, my site migrated, and I’m getting pretty cozy.

I’m enjoying my experience, so far! Not only it’s a CMS I’m familiar with, but it’s one I’ve missed.

EDIT: Pardon the dust; it’s currently up but I’m still shuffling around: Raintree Ruckus


Now that V2 is finally here I’ve moved my live site to it - I’d been running CP on my development machine for a while making sure my homebrewed plugin worked properly with it - but finally took the plunge. I might be imagining things but it seems to be faster than WP 6.4


I have around 10 sites running 1.7 or higher. Two of them are client commercial sites and the page load time they are impressed with the most. I have 6 to promote CP themes: http://classicpress-themes.com is one but not my favorite. I like the one for https://melody.tradesnet.us/ uses Melody theme for CP.


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CP is notably faster than WP in every way. WP tends to load block related CSS into every page and greatly affect performance. CP on the other hand is great, no bloat.

My production site doesn’t use CP right now (Sorry!), partly due to my own theme doesn’t support classic widgets right now, and would require block CSSes for a basic styling. But I will move all my sites to CP eventually :smiley:

I was surprised that CP supports SQLite Intergration BTW.

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