Why I am leaving

Well, I think I can live with somebody’s rudeness. But you are right that this is done like a form of revenge against all the community. That’s really making a drama of something. For whatever reason one disagrees, there’s no need to behave as a 2 yo child.

I am leaving because:
While the post on the CP forums about a disliked member of WP was dealt with by removal of the post from the forums, the person who wrote the linked article is still a member of the community.
The linked article doxxes said disliked member.
It has links to documents with their home address and a photo of their home.

Furthermore, one click leads you to an article about someone else, who is not a public figure, with items presented as statements of fact, with links to that person’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit profiles and others.
It claims that this person was fired from their job because of their interactions with the article’s author.
Although, this is unclear, because the owner of that business also has his own article and according to the author he only said that because he was hoping that the bad publicity would be removed.
It indicates that this person “begged” for the information to be removed.
Can you think how desperate someone must be to beg in such a situation?

Another click takes you to an article about a man who sent ’ “anonymous” e-mails demanding free support’.
This time the article goes further than linking to professional and social profiles.
That article links to photos of that man, his wife and disabled child.

I deleted my posts because:
I have no desire to leave even morsels of personal information for someone to be able to dox me with in the future.
Nor do I have a desire to be told by any person in leadership that I am “overreacting” because I believe posting someone’s home address online as part of a smear article is WRONG, instead of something to which the appropriate response is “ignoring” it because the argument being made is that the disliked member of the WP community is a “lamo because of where he lives”.
I have never had any personal interactions with said disliked member of WP and I derive no personal benefit.

I am leaving because people are so afraid of repeating WP’s mistakes that they have set a precedent where someone is allowed to do anything they like off-platform, even dox people, rather than protect their volunteers from targeted harassment campaigns by persons with apparent expertise in SEO and without any scruples.

Where do you think the author of those articles found all that “public” information? I can see no other way than having used personal information.
Which means all that “public” information is fruit from the poisoned tree.

And I am leaving because, instead of wondering WHY, members would choose to insult my integrity and accuse me of “vandalism” when deleting is the most efficient way of protecting my personal information.

Expecting me to sit for days scouring through every single posts for throw-away comments I may have made IS an undue burden.
And it will only become more undue as time passes.
Trying to strong-arm someone because you want to keep their posts is definitely the way to ruin any relationship, for the record.

I don’t plan to leave the community anytime soon, and if I die I hope my name remains somewhere… Just like a trace.

I will pray that none of the forum moderators ever find themselves in the situation where they need to escape domestic abuse and find it impossible to do because they have an established online presence and they made a(n unpopular) decision someone didn’t like.
Everyone has a life outside of CP.

And I will pray that you don’t ever say anything during a witty repartee on #random on Slack that helps someone to dox you in the future.
And I will further pray that someone doesn’t respond to that by telling you that that is just the risk you took by volunteering, because you know, you choose what information to share.
In short “you left yourself open to it because your skirt was too short”.

I am leaving because, instead of figuring out how to protect the CP community from those who may abuse their trust, people are channeling their efforts into figuring out how to keep some posts.
Pretty messed up priorities.

Would you be okay with it if, in a few years, after you have donated hundreds of volunteer hours to the CP community, someone makes sure that their accusations rank number one and number two for your name on Google?
Would you be okay with that being the first thing a potential employer sees about you?
How about a potential business partner?
How about potential donors for a charity for a disabled child?
Not every decision someone makes will be a popular one. You are bound to annoy at least one person at one point. And it should be clear that doxxing is not an acceptable response to such annoyance.
More to the point. I did and do not agree to that risk.

Very recently, people’s personal information accidentally landed up in a public place.
This was rectified.
But it still happened.

And no, mass-anonymizing is NOT the magical one-click safety button you think it is.

If that makes me a toddler, so be it. I’d like a chocolate and I haven’t had my meal yet. :wink:

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You see, I am not afraid someone may abuse me in the future using my personal info.
Just because my hands are in the open. I behave with honesty and respect of others.
I don’t think someone may find something to attack me on. When I am wrong I am humble enough to apologize. I don’t cheat people. I don’t abuse nor shame people.
I have a clean soul. I don’t need to hide from the world or be nasty to people to defend myself from future harm.
Deleting your posts is an useless exercise of nastiness, because you could ask for anonymization. So that the value of your contribution and ideas would still be there, and the context too. But, nope. You had to have it your way. Since people disagreed with you, instead of respecting people’s differences, you acted up like a bully by deleting your content.
So, instead of quoting people to try and convince them you are right… Farewell and adieu. Have a nice life.
Instead of throwing a tantrum and lurk to see people’s reactions, just go mind your business…
Sorry if I am coming out as harsh. You mentioned my words, and you deserved my answer.


I’m sorry to see you go. I thought you had a lot to contribute to CP.

I guess when things happen that you don’t like there are two main options for action… you can pack up and leave, or you can stay and try and change things so they don’t happen again. I do believe that the previous incident has initiated a rethink in our approach and I’m hopeful we will get some procedures in place to deal with these sorts of issues better in the future. But you have chosen the former, and I respect that decision too (it’s an option I also use sometimes myself). So I can only say… fare well!