Woocommerce fork


I think @parkerj is working on a fork for ClassicPress called ClassicCommerce, but I don’t know the exact status of this project.

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That is correct. The status is that I am currently doing some clean up. A holding area for it was created a couple of months ago: https://github.com/ClassicPress-research/classic-commerce


@parkerj can we get access to the latest cleaned up version please?

I’m working on some themes strictly for ClassicPress and would like to create one for eCommerce and don’t fancy starting with WooCommerce to then have to switch over…I’m going to be doing some deep integrations so would rather work in the forward thinking framework than rely on back-compat :slight_smile:

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When it is ready, I will let you know.

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Please tell me this is a joke, and that implementation is not being held up because of disagreement about a font.


Code can be written whether or not fonts/graphics/logos are complete. I don’t see any issue here.


It was a joke.

[Sorry… I’m an Australian. I can’t help it.]


This is the only discussion I have been part of…

I can’t help with code, so it’s really good to know that you are working away at it, @parkerj. If you need anything tested when you get closer let me know. I have one site with Woocommerce and I can set up a copy to try it with ClassicCommerce.


@parkerj Thank you so much for taking this on!


@parkerj, is there a todo list for CC somewhere?


The worry for me is it so much the fork of Woocommerce which i’m Sure will be great and i’d be happy to help by donating, but my main concern will be the (for me)necessary extensions plugins eg Stripe, mailchimp, name your price etc.

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@MrLucky if any of those extensions are GPL then they can forked too. If not then I’m sure there will be plenty of plugin developer waiting to fill the gap :slight_smile:

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I’m sure they can be, but will they be?


I’m a themer first and foremost but I’m not afraid of delving into plugins if I need to. So, if there is need in the community and no one is filling that gap I’ll be more than happy to jump in to get us a solution :slight_smile:


Personally, I would not worry. The APIs in ClassicCommerce will still be available and these are what devs depend on to extend the plugin. We can always work on extensions if the ones being used are broken. However, I don’t see how payment gateways have to engage in Gutenberg development for now at least. So I am sure they will work fine.


How can we help? A Repo we can send some PRs to a todo list could be of help. WC is a large project. :slight_smile:

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C[quote=“omukiguy, post:19, topic:932”]
I don’t see how payment gateways have to engage in Gutenberg development for now at least. So I am sure they will work fine.

True, but that was just an example of extensions. There are others I rely on. I suppose the next step for me will be to see if the authors themselves will be considering compatibility with CP.

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@omukiguy and others - the repository for the WC fork is up at https://github.com/ClassicPress-research/classic-commerce.

@parkerj can provide more details about a to-do list, or people can start issues for tasks they think should be done.


Hello all. So here’s the skinny. A few Github issues are currently open. This is a huge undertaking and help from the community is needed and very much welcomed! At the moment, I am looking for ideas for version 1.0.0 which is currently scheduled for June 3rd. That can be bugs that need fixing, things that should be removed/added, etc. If you have any of those things in mind, please open an issue over at the Github Repo.

Also, I’ve opened an issue for Necessary Plugins/Extensions for ClassicCommerce pre version 1.0.0. I am compiling a list of plugins/extensions that are necessary for the first release. I want ClassicCommerce to be a community driven effort, and it cannot nor will not come to fruition without You. So I will need your ideas, your coding genius, your writing/editing skills, your copywriting skills and your prayers (no, I am not joking…well…kind of).


Great work @parkerj and many thanks for taking on this huge undertaking.

I’m not sure if everyone is able/comfortable using GitHub so it might be worth also making a post here to take suggestions as well.

Edit: OK, that’s done. I’ll try and keep both synchronised, unless there is a way to do it automatically?

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