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I don’t see how payment gateways have to engage in Gutenberg development for now at least. So I am sure they will work fine.

True, but that was just an example of extensions. There are others I rely on. I suppose the next step for me will be to see if the authors themselves will be considering compatibility with CP.

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@omukiguy and others - the repository for the WC fork is up at https://github.com/ClassicPress-research/classic-commerce.

@parkerj can provide more details about a to-do list, or people can start issues for tasks they think should be done.


Hello all. So here’s the skinny. A few Github issues are currently open. This is a huge undertaking and help from the community is needed and very much welcomed! At the moment, I am looking for ideas for version 1.0.0 which is currently scheduled for June 3rd. That can be bugs that need fixing, things that should be removed/added, etc. If you have any of those things in mind, please open an issue over at the Github Repo.

Also, I’ve opened an issue for Necessary Plugins/Extensions for ClassicCommerce pre version 1.0.0. I am compiling a list of plugins/extensions that are necessary for the first release. I want ClassicCommerce to be a community driven effort, and it cannot nor will not come to fruition without You. So I will need your ideas, your coding genius, your writing/editing skills, your copywriting skills and your prayers (no, I am not joking…well…kind of).


Great work @parkerj and many thanks for taking on this huge undertaking.

I’m not sure if everyone is able/comfortable using GitHub so it might be worth also making a post here to take suggestions as well.

Edit: OK, that’s done. I’ll try and keep both synchronised, unless there is a way to do it automatically?

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