WooCommerce update

The latest update to WooCommerce comes with a notice stating that WooCommerce will shortly only work with Wordpress 5.x. How does that leave those of us using ClassicPress with a WooCommercer store? (I notice, for example, that JetPack no longer works with ClassicPress)


Wow, I hadn’t seen that. That’s clearly meant to push people up to WP5.

Well, we are working steadily on Classic Commerce and that may be an option for you. The big question will then change from “Will WooCommerce work with ClassicPress”, and become “Will my current plugins and extensions work with Classic Commerce”.

It would be great if you could help out with some testing in that regard. We hope to have an alpha version available next month.

And welcome Paul… thanks for letting us know.


I would be very happy to test Classic Commerce. Is there a link to the Classic Commerce project? The reason I came across the WooCommerce issue is as I was altering the Payment Gateway to Square, and using the WooCommerce for Square extension plugin. this extension syncs well with my physical bookshop, which uses Square. Will Classic Commerce work with Square in this way?


You can find links and download tips in this thread.

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I have set up a test site on my server, to experiment with Classic Commerce. I am very pleased with it - it looks like it will do what I want it to. Thanks for all your hard work on this.


That’s great to hear Paul. My testing has been very positive too, so far.