My Github username is parkerj. But before we proceed, should we vote on what the name should be?


At this point the vote would be between “ClassicCommerce” and “something else”.

We can wait a day or two and see if other suggestions and a consensus emerge. It’s also not a big deal to change the repository name, so I wouldn’t worry about this too much until you’re ready to start actually changing the name in the code.


That was the name that immediately came to mind for me.

( “something else” just doesn’t grab me :grin: )


You should consider names that have an available .com domain, it’ll be needed later down the road for sure.

  • Open Commerce Kit
  • Commerce Kite


.org is available though


Definitely Aussie humour.


These are what we have so far:

ClassicPress Commerce (.com available)

Commerce Kite (.com available)

Commerce CP (.com available)

Commerce Classic (.com available)

Open Commerce Kite (.com available)


CP Selling (.com available)

Classic Sold (.com available)

Cart CP (.com available)

Cart Classic (.com available)

Logical Commerce (.com available)

Cobra Commerce (.com available)


Personally I still like ClassicCommerce better than any of these other names.

I don’t think it should be a requirement to have the .com name available. After all, we run ClassicPress off of ClassicPress.net because ClassicPress.com was unavailable.


Since it will be the first commerce plugin to support ClassicPress, you could probably use idhsbdusvz.com and people would find it. But, yeah, Classic Commerce has a nice ring to it.


Plus we could always just set it up on a subdomain (commerce.classicpress.net).


It doesn’t need to be a requirement, but if someone already owns the .com name that does the same thing, then you are way behind the eight ball.

The .com extension is still King and worth its weight in gold. Using a sub-domain of the ClassicPress website is a good idea though.


Yes, I am digging the subdomain!


How should we move forward?


@parkerj: I’ve created a repository for this project, and added you as an admin: https://github.com/ClassicPress-research/classic-commerce

We all seem to like the Classic Commerce name, apart from concerns about the domain being available, so I’ve gone with that for now. As I said earlier in the thread, this can always be changed later if needed.

I’d recommend preserving the WooCommerce commit history starting at your version of choice, other than that, feel free to manage it as you wish, add collaborators, etc.

I’m hesitant to commit commerce.classicpress.net to this project for a couple of reasons:

  • Using ClassicPress.net implies official endorsement of this project, which is definitely a possibility but needs to be discussed/planned when it is further along.
  • Using ClassicPress.net also means we need to be more careful about the security of what goes on there (cookies can be set across subdomains, for example).

Other opinions welcome, but we still have our plates pretty full with our upcoming v1.0.0 release, so I’d recommend setting up an external site if one is needed.


Haven’t you finished it yet? :grin:

I think ClassicCommerce is a good name because it immediately connects in people’s heads… “oh yeah, that’d be Woocommerce, but for ClassicPress”. It was my first instinctive thought for a suitable name. I don’t see the .com unavailability as a big issue - there are plenty of other domain extensions, so just pick one that’s free.

I can appreciate James’ points about not linking it to the classicpress.net name. I agree that it’s best to keep it separate, at least for now.


.biz is available
.com.au is available
.cc is available
.co is available
.co.uk is available
.io is available
.ltd is available
.net.au is available
.net.uk is available
.org is available
.site is available
.trade is available
.uk is available

Let me know if you want me to register any of those.


classiccommerce.cc is pertinent, maybe even catchy.

Since ClassicPress is UK based, I guess the uk extensions would be more relevant though.

The only thing that bothers me is the “double-c” in the middle of the name. It’s messy and will cause confusion.

That’s why I suggested commerceclassic.com instead.


Well, its better than penisland.net or expertsexchange.com I guess.

Actually I like .cc too… nice alliteration. But I agree that the uk ones might be more appropriate. We can always write is as ClassicCommerce.whatever to make it a bit clearer.


Yeah, you really have to write out and speak domain names. There are a lot of traps to fall into, like yours and mumstalking.com and therapist.com