WP User Frontend is broken

This plugin has some broken functions like post editing. An edit link does not appear on a post page. It worked until i have migrated from WordPress to ClassicPress.

This is all working fine for me. Could you post a link to your site, please, and maybe a screenshot of the post editing page?

Sorry, i can’t post a link, so here is a screenshot https://imgur.com/a/Go2JKOg

There is no edit link for authors anymore, but i’ve allowed to edit their own posts.

What theme are you using?

Simple Days. But i used to edit posts with this theme.

I have just installed that theme on a test site running ClassicPress, and on another test site running WordPress. I cannot see any edit link on posts in either case. So this isn’t an issue with ClassicPress.

I suspect that that functionality was provided by a plugin or an extension, or maybe a Pro version of the theme, if there is one.


I used this theme before. There was an edit link. No any pro themes or plugins.

Maybe an older version of this theme features the edit link, and the current one doesnt anymore? :wink:
Or: You may have added it by yourself, when you first set up the site, and now simply forgot you did so.

cu, w0lf.

I’ve found a plugin that added an edit link.

Thanks to everyone who replied in this thread!