Yoast SEO compatibility

Seems that Yoast SEO last version is back supporting WP 4.9.


I noticed that too, guess they got some backlash, or saw their numbers drop as people looked for an alternative.


You’d never know that from the changelog, though!

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Could be. I know I shared some stuff on Twitter about it… :wink:

New announcement from Yoast:

All support for WP versions other than 5.2 and 5.3 will be dropped.

Time to fork the plugin.

Or time to use Rank Math.


Here’s all the older versions of Yoast if you’re interested in taking on a fork.

Easier…I haven’t updated Yoast in months and it’s working fine. I don’t have the latest schema improvements, but, I’m still ranking on the first page for my targeted queries. I bumped the version number to 100 to keep it from nagging me to update. Works for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you update, now you get this. Because scare tactics.


“… If you held off updating to 5.0…” is the culprit.
They are targeting this specific segment.
For WP real danger comes from the people not updating to Gutenberg. They were aware a big slice of their market would go away, so they coped with that. They were also aware they needed people to validate their choice. That is not happening, so they are forcing validation.
The above, like I said on slack, is a menace. From a linguistic point of view it can be reduced to the nuclear sentence “upgrade, or else”.
As a user, it scares me. As a user I would immediately migrate to something else.
I can understand they want real supporters on board, but their approach is IMHO leading WP to decline.
WP was born with freedom in mind…


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