๑ Making web since the web was born.

“We all talk about ‘peace, peace’, but peace doesn’t fall from the sky. We have to do something to create it. Human beings have to solve their problems themselves. And the right way to create peace is to engage in dialogue.”
    — His Holiness the Dalai Lama

๑ Making web as a way to help people do that:

Builder/maintainer/advisor for a goodly number of websites in the Tibetan community in India, for the sole purpose of learning and then sharing with the Tibetan IT community. [2001 to present]

Currently builder/maintainer of websites for Lobsang Wangyal Productions, Help with Books Tibetan Settlement Library Project, Namgyal Tantric College, Khao Tham Meditation Center, and the IBD Buddhism course materials repository. [as of 2019]

Tech advisor for the WordPress Tibetan translation project at bo.wordpress.org (“wpwalker” on wordpress.org) [2013 to present]

[updated jul 2019]