A couple of basic questions

I’m a bit confused about what exactly classic press is. Please forgive if it’s obvious or answered in some obvious place.

OK I know what it does and am trying it out on one of my test sites. I love the concept that I can avoid the way WP is going.

But after installing I’m still using Wordpress right? If I check my theme footer it says “Powered by Wordpress” still.

So question 1:

Is it still relying on Wordpress? I used the switch to CP plugin. Presumably a clean install would not say “Powered by Wordpress” or is that some kind of legal requirement?

Question 2:

Obviously now I won’t be using Wordpress updates but classicpress updates. But my site is still nagging me to upgrade to Wordpress. Will there be Classicpress updates, e.g. security patches etc.?


ClassicPress is a “fork” of WordPress… that is, a snapshot of the software at a given point in time. It is a completely separate entity from WordPress, moving along it’s own path. After installing (or upgrading to) ClassicPress, you are on ClassicPress. There are some things under the hood that still point to WordPress resources (so you can search for plugins, for example), but you’re on ClassicPress.

There is no legal requirement to have a Powered by WordPress note. For that matter, there’s also no requirement to have a Powered by ClassicPress note. These are optional.

Is your site showing the Powered by WordPress notice on the frontend of your site? If so, that’s your theme. You’ll need to look in your theme files (probably footer.php) and find that bit of text to change it. If, on the other hand, you are seeing “Powered by WordPress” at the footer of your backend dashboard, then the site hasn’t yet been migrated to ClassicPress.

If you have ClassicPress installed, it shouldn’t be nagging you to update to WP 5…from what I understand.

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If you have ClassicPress installed, it shouldn’t be nagging you to update to WP 5…from what I understand.

I have migrated a couple of sites and I have not been nagged to upgrade, so this should indeed not happen.

If you installed WordPress you will be using WordPress on that site. Once migrated over to CP you will be using CP on that site. It is on a site by site basis.

When using the migration plugin, the site will be migrated over to CP. Meaning you won’t have the “Powered by WordPress” (unless it is statically set in the theme).

If you used the migration plugin you may be prompted to install the latest version of ClassicPress. But you shouldn’t ever see a prompt to upgrade to WP5.0.

Hopefully that helps :slight_smile:


OK, many thanks that is a bit clearer. Yes it is the term footer.php that has the powered by WP, and I usually use a child theme without it. I was just checking the main theme after switching to Classicpress.

And yes, I was wrong about the WP 5 nag, it was just a plugin update.

Keep up the good work ClassicPress!


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