A secondary repository for open source Scripts

Yes, we have the Plugin repository, but we don’t always need to use a plugin for menial tasks. What would be great is tapping into a script repository for simple installations of scripts to be used. WordPress already comes bundled with plenty, although I am talking more about those cool scripts you find on sites like CodePen, JSFiddle, and Codrops.
Imagine a plugin and script repository working side by side.

Read-only archive: https://petitions.classicpress.net/posts/143/a-secondary-repository-for-open-source-scripts

Author: Damian Baker

Vote count: 11

Status: Planned


Update to the above

@ozfiddler has done a brilliant job of creating a “library” of code snippets specifically for Classic Commerce (link above). Since the above petition was created, the library has expanded to nearly 100 snippets.

In addition, we now have a Classic Code Snippets research plugin which builds on the SC Display Code plugin originally created by ozfiddler. All being well, this will become an official ClassicPress plugin in the not too distant future.


Downvote from me.

For those who prefer to not install traditional plugins and would instead prefer installing random scripts as mu-plugins or utility plugins, the right path (IMO) is maintaining such a list oneself. Or, better yet, put together a site (like what CC did) and list them there as a user-managed community resource.


This petition is moving to “planned” status because we are working on implementing a snippet repository, which will be part of the main directory.


This petition will be marked completed and closed, the work on the snippet library is underway.

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