Ability to vote through dashboard plugin

Discussion about the best way to handle submitting votes and posts through the dashboard plugin.

Anything we do in this regard will require the user to 1) create an account on the petitions site and 2) generate their api key on the petitions site. The api key is used for authentication for creating posts as well as voting.

This is going to be pretty complicated to implement well, and probably not something we can get ready in time for ClassicPress v1.

For v1, it is fine to show a read-only view of the petitions site for v1 and link out to the site for full interaction (voting, commenting, and new petitions).

I agree, which was why I moved it here so we can refer back to it in the future. Just didn’t want to forget about this discussion.

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I think the thing most web-heads like me want more than anything else is a feeling of stability, that they can build their WP sites, work with clients, and not have to worry about it being hijacked by 5.0 when they try to update for security purposes or that older sites will be jacked when clients update unknowingly or in some cases where hosting providers force WP updates out. Ability to vote is fine but a solid foundation to build upon (for me, anyway) “trumps” that feature any day.

To me personally, a rock-solid ClassicPress that has regular (or as needed) security updates is all I really care about. If I can have access to a plugin repository…say a few months out from now when they all start getting buggy whilst trying to adapt to Gutenberg…and I can keep ClassicPress working with Divi I’m happier than a pig in mud.

And honestly I truly believe that most other web developers (who are not also great programmers) want that primarily as well.

We have paying clients who don’t know what SEO is or how Gutenberg works or doesn’t work and just want to get lead generation through their sites and we want to be able to work with those clients without having income threatened… so for me, a predictable core offering of ClassicPress “WordPress without Gutenberg” and the whole “corporate profits at any cost” mentality that I know will be safe is vital.

I think we can all agree with what you have said, although having a true democracy where users are able to vote is one of our core principles. As we have seen, ClassicPress itself is stable at the moment, even in the Beta (which is fantastic). This discussion is more about how we get as many ClassicPress users as possible involved in the voting for features and changes process. Fundamentally, I think this is something that long term will serve us well as we plan to listen to the community and only implement changes that have been requested and voted on.

So I agree that a stable foundation is required, but I think having this discussion is just as important. So all users (developers and non-developers alike) feel as though they actually have a say in our direction going forward.

Hopefully that makes sense :slight_smile:

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Totally makes sens. Sometimes I ramble, with all the caffeine and different mini-tasks going on and trying to learn as much as possible about ClassicPress in as little time as possible. I think what you’re saying is great and makes sense.

My opinion on the matter (and I guess my “vote”) would be to situate ClassicPress first, work on a multi-tier marketing plan to get exposure, build a plugin repository, reach out to sympathetic WP core devs and volunteers and meetup group sponsors while slowly building upon the foundation you guys have established. In the short term, my primary concern is keeping a roster of WP sites alive and functioning as is. In the long term if changes are made incrementally (as Gutenberg should have logically been rolled out) I can’t see too many objecting. That’s just me. I’m not the brilliant dev that alot of others are.

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Trust me, we all appreciate these discussions! Any and all feedback, positive and negative, is helpful to us as we move forward. Which is why in our discussions we mention no one will be censored (as long as it isn’t bullying or personal attacks), even if we don’t all agree. It is important we stick to our core principals :slight_smile:

In regards to marketing, this is something the marketing team is working hard on. If you have any input it would be great if you could share that over in the marketing forum :slight_smile: