Accessibility ready themes request

I’m looking for some ClassicPress themes that are accessibility ready. Something very similar to Cyanotype.

I am a screen reader user and my whole audience is Disabled.

I’d like to have the following,

  • Mostly with accessible HTML and very minimal ARIA unless necessary.
  • High contrast, something like dark backround with large font and easy to read text.
  • one column.
  • Translation ready.
  • Fully keyboard operational.

I’d also like to have a child theme if at all possible. I’d use Cyanotype but it does not have a child theme. Plus, I imagine it will break soon now that Gutenberg is a requirement for all theme updates.

I tried looking for a Classicpress theme directory but could not find any official theme directories other than Wordpress. If anyone has a Classicpress theme directory, other than these forums, send me the link!


Hello @rkingett, sorry for the delayed reply.

ClassicPress is working on building out its own theme and plugin directories. In the meantime here are a couple of options you might look into:

If you need a child theme then you will need to create that yourself. This is true for any theme.

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