Account Removal

The ClassicPress Forums are based on Discourse, as per the discussion on the Discourse forums there is no way for active users to delete their own accounts.

If your account is brand-new, you can delete it via your user preferences page provided that you have not created any threads or posts. Once you have created a thread or replied to an existing thread, the ability to delete your account will be unavailable. In that case, we will anonymize your account, however, to maintain the integrity, flow, and purpose of the forum, the posts will remain public. If you wish to have your account anonymized please private message our @moderators or @admins.

For more information, please see the thread on Anonymizing Users in Discourse.

How thorough is the anonymization?

  • A new username will be randomly assigned to the user such as anon123456 . This new username will be applied to all their posts in the system, and all @mentions and quotes will be updated as well.
    • The new username is not applied to: deleted posts, post revisions when the current post doesn’t mention or quote the renamed user anymore, oneboxed user profiles, queued posts, or staff logs
  • Their email, name, date of birth and avatar will be removed
  • Their user profile will be removed
  • Any api keys generated for the user will be revoked
  • Any authentication mechanisms (google/facebook/etc) will be revoked