ActivityPub 1.0.0 plugin breaks CP

On Mastodon, there was a discussion of ActivityPub 1.0.0 breaking ClassicPress 1.x due to the use of block functions.

There is a PR that introduces compatibility fix:

FYI, in case anyone uses it.


The PR seems to have been incorporated into the current master; Iā€™m testing it right now.

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The applied PR seems to work; its not published as release yet, but if you want to use it rn, you just have to replace the following files in the installation on your site, with the ones from the latest checkout / zip tarball of the master branch on github:

  • activitypub.php
  • readme.txt
  • includes/functions.php

And then add the following line to the functions.php of your theme to activate the fix:

add_filter( 'activitypub_site_supports_blocks', '__return_false' );

cu, w0lf.


Thanks for testing it.

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